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A Little More About Our Zipline Canopy Tour

A Little More About Our Zipline Canopy Tour

Ziplines are constructed in various sizes, heights, and lengths and are very dependent on the environment they’re set in. That’s why a ziplining experience in say Asheville, North Carolina or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is completely different from ours in Charleston, South Carolina. So, we want to share what makes our adventures unique with an emphasis on our canopy adventure. Our Zipline Canopy Tour is a family-friendly attraction that covers 10 acres of forest at the edge of the Francis Marion National Forest. The Zipline Canopy Tour section under “Activities” tab on our website includes all the information you will need to know on height, weight, and age restrictions as well as available time slots.But for now, here’s a glimpse into the breakdown of our tour.


We ask that you arrive to our Adventure Center 15-30 minutes before your tour begins, so we have plenty of time to check you and your loved ones in, pay any remaining balances, and sign last minute waivers. Then, we will turn you over to the guides who will be leading you through your treetop adventure. Your guides will suit you up in a harness and helmet and supply you with special gloves that will be crucial for our hand brake system. Then you’ll be geared up and ready for ground school

Ground School

Ground school is where you will learn the basics of our course. Your guides will review safety procedures as they teach you how to operate our hand brake system. You will be able to practice breaking on a short line that’s barely off the ground with the assistance of both guides. This is the perfect way to get comfortable with the lines before you go up in the air. If you have any questions for your guides, then this is the best time to ask!

Zip #1

Our adventure starts at the top of a 60 foot tower. Once you climb some stairs to the top, you’ll be ready to take off. Remember our guides do all the clipping, so you just have to do the zipping. Our ziplines will progressively get longer and faster throughout the tour, so we start you off on this 200 foot line mainly to get you comfortable with the elevation. But don’t let this line fool you; it’s still sure to get your adrenaline-pumping as you experience flight for the first time. Plus, you will be landing purely on platforms built around trees from this first zipline to the fifth zipline.


Our second zipline comes in at 250 feet long. Although it’s just slightly longer than the first line, you’ll be more comfortable with braking, landing, and the elevation by the time you reach this platform. For the first few lines you won’t have to do much breaking, but always follow your guides’ hand signals and instructions because the experience is different for every adventurer.

Zip #3

This line may look a little different at first because of the huge sag in the middle of the line. That feature is exactly why we jokingly refer to this as the “beer belly.” The design allows for a fast start and then a natural speed decrease towards the middle. Plus, this zip is 350 feet long, so you’ll begin zipping in longer spurts each time.

Bridge #1

Now, you’ll come across your very first bridge. This bridge is affectionately referred to as the Bridge of Doom because of its length and subtle incline. As the longest bridge on your tour, this bridge is the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Walk, run, or stroll across this fun swinging rope bridge, but don’t forget to take a moment to stop and enjoy where you are and how far you’ve come.

Zip #4

You’ll now be officially halfway through our course! And to celebrate we made this zipline 500 feet long for an even faster and longer ride than before. We love this zipline because of the breathtaking views that won’t want to miss of some ancient oaks. Make sure to ask your guides about these beautiful trees; we’d be happy to point them out for you!

Bridge #2

Next up is Shenanigan Bridge! This is the perfect photo opp for your super funny and goofy pictures. A lot of shenanigans take place here, which is exactly how it got its name. Pretend to kick someone off the bridge, pose like a koala, or flash a huge smile while our guides capture that perfect moment that you’ll love to laugh about later. But don’t worry if you can’t think of something funny to do because our guides have plenty of ideas that they’d love to share.

In between these two bridges you’ll be able to take a brief pause on one of our tree platforms for a water break. We will provide the cups and a cooler of water, so you don’t have to hang on to your own bottle the entire time.

Bridge #3

Right next to Shenanigan Bridge is the third and final rope bridge of the tour. Shin Breaker Bridge was given this name since the ledge’s corner juts out over the end of the bridge. So just remember to watch your step when you’re stepping off this one!

Zip #5

This zipline comes in at 150 feet and takes you to one of the other towers on our property. But this line is particularly special because of the task your guides will give. When you approach zip number five, be ready to let your spirit animal come through because on this line we want to hear you. Whether your spirit animal zip is a silent fish or a singing bird, use this as a creative opportunity to embrace your inner self.

Zip #6

Zipline six is 600 feet and sure to be one of the most exhilarating rides of your life as you soar through the trees at speeds around 20mph. We affectionately call this zip the Zip of Faith because you can’t see the other side! By beginning this zip at the highest point on one of our other towers, you gain elevation and, therefore, much more speed. Just remember to take it all in while you’re zipping because the lush, untouched nature that you’ll be zipping in is a rare beauty that we absolutely adore.

Zip #7

Welcome to the grand finale! We’ve always said to save the best for last, and that’s exactly what we did. This 750 foot zip is the longest and fastest line on the entire tour. Because this line is so long, the finishing point is covered by trees and is unable to be seen from the starting point. This allows you to be totally isolated and immersed in our tiny oasis for a few seconds. And that’s what we love about. Our mission is to get you to unwind and unplug as you venture into the outdoors for an adventure you’ll never forget. It’s an exhilarating yet tranquil ride that is almost indescribable until you experience it for yourself. So, come adventure with us so you know exactly what we’re talking about.


Your guides will lead you back to our Adventure Center where you’ll be able to cool off, collect your personal belongings, and view all of the photos from your adventure. We have merchandise, snacks, drinks, and photo packages available for purchase. Our office staff will be able to answer any of your questions about prices and our photo delivery system. Make sure to come back and adventure with us!

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